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|Why Reflexology?

There are 7,200 nerve endings in each foot. Perhaps this fact, more than any other, explains why we feel so much better when our feet are worked using Reflexology. Nerve endings in the feet have extensive interconnections through the spinal cord and brain with all areas of the body. Surely the feet are a gold mine of opportunity to release tension and enhance health.


|What is the difference that makes a difference?

-At Roark’s Reflexology we practice with an integrated approach. We use energy techniques with every session. We also add pure essential oils benefiting every client. All sessions are ended with the wonderful soothing experience of being draped in warm towels from head to toe. All clients receive an electronic document to empower them with self help “homework” to use daily. What exactly does that mean for you? Read about each session option below to see how you can benefit from this wonderful, natural, non-invasive health tool.



Click for interactive Reflexology maps of the hands and feet.


| Testimonials- Some of your neighbors and friends have already enjoyed the benefits of Reflexology, Chakra Reflexology, Essential Oils Massage, Energy techniques, R.E.S.T, Raindrop Therapy, Vita Flex and Sound Therapy. See what they have to say!



"There is so much to say about Vickie Roark and her abilities as a total body guru that I’m not sure where to start… or how I can possibly get it all on one page… So I’ll keep it simple. I am a former Coast Guard Rescue Swimmer and Instructor, an adventurer with several expeditions under my belt, a retired Ironman (4, including the World Championships at KONA), and a SPARTAN Trifecta medalist, and I have been massaged, poked, elbowed and sports ‘therapy’d all over the world, and by the best practitioners there are. Simply put, Vickie Roark is the best I have ever had. Not only is she knowledgeable, she’s caring and intuitive. She ushered me through my last year of endurance racing in 2015 when I came to her, a truly beat up individual. Little by little she fixed me until I was able to compete successfully and get my Trifecta. I would (and do) happily recommend Vickie for pretty much anything that ails you in the muscle/ligament/tissue department. She saved me."

-William Goins  

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